GoJobio: Human Resources for the 21st Century

GoJobio.com redefines the way that job seekers and employers approach the hiring process. Our site combines the social edge and interactivity of social media with the urgency and intentionality of a job search engine to allow more transparency and engagement between employer and potential employee. GoJobio.com is designed to save employers and recruiters time, money, and headache when searching for that perfect hire. We offer a platform for users to satisfy their insatiable appetite for social media, while branding themselves as professionals in an extremely competitive job market.
Revolutionize How You Hire
Has it ever occurred to you that the first person at any Happy Hour is someone from an HR department? We can’t blame them, the hiring process is stressful, inefficient and time consuming. Furthermore, employers are increasingly turning to haphazard methods like resume algorithms to filter candidates. They might as well pick names out of a hat. Meanwhile, job seekers are doomed to rely on luck and timing, rather than actual talent, passion, and ability to succeed in a role. GoJobio fixes this painstaking system, decreases turnover, and saves countless man hours in the process.


Get Up-Close And Personal Before You Hire
Employers can use our platform to gain unprecedented insight into a candidate’s personality, qualifications, potential, and the intangible qualities that make a successful employee. Rather than sift through hundreds of impersonal and identical cover letters and resumes, GoJobio allows hiring managers to watch 60-second videos of candidates responding to employer-tailored questions. Alternately, recruiters looking for candidates will have the ability to filter candidates for specific keywords or qualifications and browse through custom video introductions GoJobio users create when completing their profiles.
Gain Back The Precious Time You’ve Wasted
GoJobio saves human resources departments countless hours previously spent on emails, phone interviews, and call-ins. GoJobio functions as a 3rd party HR department, streamlining the hiring process to serve companies with limited time or resources devoted to finding the best candidate. Most importantly, GoJobio helps the employer answer one of the most important questions in any hiring process: Is this someone that I’d like to work with?


Make Career Connections That Count
For job seekers, there’s no “secret sentence” or “resume hack” to help in landing the job of your dreams. You could be the perfect person for the job, yet never get past the “resume screening algorithm” on the employer’s website. GoJobio transforms what were before just words on paper, career connections that count.
Pre-Screen Like Never Before
By providing a platform for job seekers to record a 60-second video pitch from their computer, iPad, or smartphone, we enable them to show who they are, let their personality, passion, and creativity shine through, and most importantly, connect to employers in an authentic way. 60 seconds is just enough time to prove their creativity, performance under pressure, and many other qualities relevant to the position to which they apply.