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Employers & Recruiters

Employers, when creating your job post, fill in the required fields, but pay close attention to two fields in particular that will help you weed out unqualified applicants:

  1. The "Upload Requirements" field that enables you to specify what documentation you would like uploaded from all prospective applicants before they can submit their application to you.
  2. The "Video Prompt" field below the "Upload Requirements" field that enables you to pose questions and/or prompts that you would like potential employees to respond to in their 60-second video pitch.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, to get the most out of our filter system and personalized dashboard, attach your unique GoJobio "Permalink" for each job post you create to any and all third party job search engines like, and sites alike to vet all your prospective applicants using our filter system and personalized dashboard!

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Job Seekers

To create and complete your user profile, you must record a 60-second video introduction using our video recorder or your camera phone (to introduce yourself and your past experience and/or interest for the future) that will serve as a default video for all jobs you apply to that don't require a unique 60-second video pitch. When creating your profile video, just remember to be yourself and everything will fall into place. You're a 60-second video away from landing your dream job!

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Important Things To Remember When Recording Your Video Introduction or Pitch From a Phone or Computer:

Camera Phone Positioning - If using a camera phone to record your video introduction or pitch, make sure to hold your camera phone HORIZONTAL when filming (at a 180 degree angle).

Sound - Speak loud and clear when recording your video so employers don't struggle to hear what you have to say.

Lighting - Record in a well lit area so employers can clearly see who you are.

Keep Focused - Stay on topic and answer the questions being asked.

Be Professional - Make sure to introduce yourself and end with a farewell!

Demo Pitches / Introductions

Job Title - French Instructor

Job Type - Contract

What would you like the applicant to touch on in their 60-second pitch?

1. Is french you native language?
2. Do you have a any formal background in teaching?
3. Are you currently employed? If not, how flexible are you to work?
4. Say your farewell in French please!

Job Title - Fitness Trainer

Job Type - Full-Time

What would you like the applicant to touch on in their 60-second pitch?

1. Why do you want this position?
2. What training experience do you have?

Job Title - Sports Anchor

Job Type - Contract

What would you like the applicant to touch on in their 60-second pitch?

1. What sets you apart from the other applicants?
2. What interest you most about this particular market?
3. Sell yourself!